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lundi 24 septembre 2018

Colloque EGALS du 19 septembre 2018 à Turku / EGALS Seminar 2018 in Turku / Minutes of meeting

EGALS seminar 18-20 September 2018 at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland

What is Animal Law?
Aim, Content and Future. 
Is a new taxonomy in teaching and science needed?

                 Minutes of the seminar 

EGALS members present:

Birgitta Wahlberg (Abo Akademi)
Vanessa Gerritsen (Tier im Recht)
Jean-Marc Neumann (Coordinator & Executive Secretary)

Dr. Birgitta WahlbergÅbo Akademi University, opened the seminar with a warm welcome to all attendees. She introduced the topic of this year.

Steven Wise, President of the Non Human Rights Project (NhRPhad been invited as guest speaker, but unfortunately could not attend because an appellate Court in the USA rescheduled an oral argument before the court. However, Kevin SchneiderExecutive Director for the NhRP made us the great pleasure to participate at the seminar. He presented the latest updates on the court cases that are going on.

Session I 
Presentation by Jean-Marc NeumannCoordinator & Executive Secretary oEGALS and lecturer in Animal Law at the University of StrasbourgMoving from Legal Thing to Legal Person: evolution of the legal status of animals in France

Presentation by Dr. Joe Wills, University of Leicester
The Evolving Legal Status of Non-Human Animals: What Implications for Human Rights Law?
Session II
Presentation by Dr. Sabine Brels, Cofounder & Manager of the Global Animal Law (GAL) project: “Animal Law: Globally Protecting Animals? A New Approach in Research”
Presentation by Dr. Tarja Koskela, University in Eastern Finland: “Animal Law in Criminal Law “ 

Session III      
Presentation by Dr. Visa A.J. Kurki, University of Helsinki: “Drawing the Borders of Animal Law”

Presentation by PhD Candidate Tero Kivinen, University of Helsinki: “Reimagining Animal Law”
Session IV
Presentation by lic.iurVanessa GerritsenTier Im Recht“Animal Law in the public, academic and political environment”

Presentation by LL.M. (Animal Law and Society) Sacha Lucassen, University of Aarhus: “At the intersection of science, law and ethics - animal law as a multidisciplinary academic program”
Final remarks
Presentation by the Associate Dean of the Animal Law Program, Executive Director of the Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) at Lewis & Clark Law School Pamela D. Fraschconcerning their fabulous and extremely inspiring work since 25 years.

Summary of the seminar by Birgitta Wahlberg and, inspired by CALS definition of Animal Law, a presentation of a draft text on a global definition of Animal Law:

"Animal law overlaps with many traditional areas of the law and jurisprudence,
but the field also explores other areas, such as natural science, political science, and philosophy.

Animal law is rooted in the written law and in the practical application of statutes,regulations, and case law.

In animal law we ask fundamental questions about the nature of a legal right orinterest, how laws create or entrench (power) imbalances, and – most importantly – how those imbalances impact animals."

It was decided that those of the participants that are interested to continue to develop a global definition of the legal subject Animal Law sends a short paper (max. 1000 words)on a definition of the subject to the Editor-in-Chief of the Global Journal of Animal Law, Tero Kivinentero.kivinen@helsinki.fi by the end of February 2019. Advocate NeliSochirca from France will then make a summary of all the suggestions. The papers and the summary will be published in the 2019 spring Issue of the Global Journal of Animal Law (https://ojs.abo.fi/ojs/index.php/gjal/about).

The Seminar was closed by a wonderful surprise given by the Flora Choir who sang for the attendees and with taking a group picture in front of the building (unfortunately, all of the attendees is not captured in the picture).

We thank Birgitta Wahlberg and the seminar assistant stud. Minka Lindroos for the wonderful organization and note with great pleasure how much all attendees appreciated the seminar

Place of the next EGALS seminar to be decided soon.