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Juriste .Coordinateur de EGALS (Educational Group for Animal Law Studies- http://egals.university/).Chargé d'enseignement en droit de l'animal /Université de Strasbourg. Président de TELAS Conseil -Consultant en protection animale et formateur. Profil complet sur https://www.linkedin.com/in/jean-marc-neumann-b634bb179/

mercredi 27 décembre 2017

Why Do We Need a Global Animal Law? Interview by Prof.Anne Peters

Why Do We Need a Global Animal Law?: There is no global regulation, let alone any hard-law treaties, that deal with the interactions between humans and animals even though these have been globalized in many areas, such as for food, agriculture, or the procurement of pets. This is why ANNE PETERS has initiated a research program on Global Legal Animal Studies as she explains in this video. Analyzing international law and comparing domestic laws, she has established trends and found bits and pieces in some legal issue areas that may amount to a body of global animal law. She hopes that these results provide a source of inspiration and argumentation for lawmakers worldwide to develop global animal law further.